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Numerous articles and news clips have highlighted the VA Aid and Attendance Pension.  This little known benefit to help pay for non-service connected disabilities has come to the forefront due to the influx of WWII and Korean War veterans and their spouses who have suddenly found themselves in need of assistance with their daily lives.


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Sun Sentinel article


Reno Gazette Journal


Montgomery County News article


Chesterfield Observer article


Knight Ridder (USA Today) article on errors within the VA



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Articles and Resources


What are the declared period of war?  What forms are needed to files a claim?  What support materials do I need in preparation for filing.  Click here for information.



Brian Williams, anchor at MSNBC, shares the story of one family’s discovery of the VA Aid and Attendance Pension and how it helps pay for their mother’s care while she is receiving care for Alzheimer’s.  Click here to view the report. is not affiliated with the Veteran’s Administration or any other government agency.  We are an independent financial and legal advisory firm that assists families with understanding and qualifying for this benefit.